It’s Been Awhile

I’ve been MIA for quite some time. I could say life got in the way but that is only part true.¬†Another reason that I’ve been away from writing here is plain and simple distraction. My mind has been going from one thing to another for quite some time now. But, I was able to pull it together long enough to finally finish my book. It has been something that I have been working on since last year. It took a lot of strength to get it together and put in a way that made me happy. I have wanted to¬†help people for a long time. I want my life to mean something and to be put to good use. I also know how hard it is to go through depression. I know how overwhelming it can be and how it feels to not know what to do to feel better and have no hope.

That is why I decided to write Guide To Coping With Depression. I hope that it can have some affect on someone who may be struggling or know someone who is struggling. It is an easy to understand guide to help get through depressive episodes and meant to be a resource.

You can find it on Amazon here.