Music Relaxation

I have been really stressed and tense this past week since I started a new job. It has taken a lot of mental focus in order to learn everything that I need to succeed. But towards the end of the week I found something that has helped me tremendously: Music! I was changing the car radio station and I came across classical music. I decided to listen to that on the drive home. It made a world of difference. It was soothing and had a good flow. The next morning, I decided to leave it on that station. When I got to work I felt more at ease and less stressed. I ended up having a more productive day. So when you are feeling mentally or physically tired and in need of some de-stress and relaxation, turn on some uplifting tunes! 🙂




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I absolutely adore scented things! I love to stop in the stores and smell the fresh flowers that they have for sale and almost all of the candles and incense. It makes me feel so good inside. I feel so relaxed when I find ones that I really enjoy the scent of. Technically speaking, I do this outdoors also, such as fresh cut grass, hay bales, farms {not everything on a farm smells nice}, flowers, rose bushes, and the scent of rain.

When I have the means, I prefer to buy Yankee Brand. I once got one many years ago while we lived in Guam and I was obsessed with it! That jarred candle lasted me ages and I was so sad when it was used up. The scent was Roses and it smelled amazing!

My next favorite choice – and still a really good quality candle – is Better Homes and Gardens!  I only recently found out about their candles and got the scent of “Crisp Fall Leaves” back in Autumn of last year. I actually have only burned it once because while I had it out for display a few months ago, I could faintly smell it as I passed by even without lighting it. And now that I don’t have it where I can easily walk past it, I sometimes just randomly go pick it up and smell it and that makes me happy.

As far as warmers go, there are so many cute kinds! 🙂

Right now I am using ScentSationals wax melts in apple scent and am really enjoying it! I find it nice because I can get them easier due to how inexpensive they are, yet it really does fill the room with fragrant smells!

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Apps and Support

Great Meditation App

I came across a meditation website and app last year when I was looking to get some relief from my depression symptoms. It is called Calm. I started out with the free version which includes many guided meditations. I ended up getting a subscription to have access to the full content that Calm has to offer. Downloading this app has been the best decision I have ever made! There are guided that are categorized by topic, such as focus, varying emotions, anxiety, stress relief, relationships, college, and so much more.

One especially helpful set of meditations that I love is the “7 Days of Calm,” which introduces you to meditation. “Body Scan” is also super important because you learn how to focus on how your body is feeling and learn how to relax your muscles one section at a time.

Along with these wonderful meditations, Calm offers a music section that includes both relaxation music and focus instrumentals. There is also a section titled “Sleep Stories.” Here you will find a wide variety of essentially bedtime stories narrated by various people. This has helped me to relax before bed and I have read that some people that usually have trouble sleeping has benefited greatly from listening to these stories.

If you have children and would like to introduce them to meditating and helping them to understand their own emotions, the Calm app and website has special meditations geared towards children and teens.

I highly recommend checking it out and let me know what you think!

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