Music Relaxation

I have been really stressed and tense this past week since I started a new job. It has taken a lot of mental focus in order to learn everything that I need to succeed. But towards the end of the week I found something that has helped me tremendously: Music! I was changing the car radio station and I came across classical music. I decided to listen to that on the drive home. It made a world of difference. It was soothing and had a good flow. The next morning, I decided to leave it on that station. When I got to work I felt more at ease and less stressed. I ended up having a more productive day. So when you are feeling mentally or physically tired and in need of some de-stress and relaxation, turn on some uplifting tunes! 🙂


To-Do List Help


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One thing that I struggle with is getting easily overwhelmed with daily tasks. This consists of everything from cleaning to cooking to business related items. Honestly I just stand still and look around wondering where to start and trying not to break down. It’s so frustrating! The only thing that has ever worked for me has been to make a To-Do List. I’ve played around with different formats, from listing a few tasks at a time to putting time limits on each so I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed.

If anybody else goes through a similar situation of not knowing what to do or where to start, I highly recommend using a dry erase board! I have found it so helpful to be able to jot down some chores and check them off or cross through them when I finish it. Sometimes I get creative and use different colors of markers for different items on my list. I’ve also used magnets to move from one item to the next to change things up some. Check out these dry erase boards to help you in your daily life!

Don’t forget to put self-care on your To-Do List!




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